iriseden Mastodon
Instance Mastodon hébergée en France chez OVH (AS16276) et maintenue par @iriseden. Vos données ne seront jamais partagées à qui que ce soit et sont sauvegardées tous les jours. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes, les sujets sont libres tant que vous respectez les quelques conditions. Vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire sur mon instance Peertube ou une autre :)
The Union Place
The Union Place: a federated server for union members, organizations, friends, and allies. If you support labor and labor rights, you have a place here!
PL Network
The Protocol Labs Network micro blogging server. Stay in touch with ecosystem of organizations, people, and projects around the world. Share your news, post personal updates, and connect with everyone.
f slurs dot gay
f slurs dot gay is a fediverse instance for everyone's favorite f slurs
Instance privée de @[email protected]
Independent Media UK
The home of UK independent media on Mastodon. All the latest news straight to your feed. Powered by the Canary.
the ends of the earth
the collapse
Freak University
A school for anyone that has been denied their full humanity through no fault of their own. All freaks and freak allies are welcome here. Classes start soon, so register today!
A community that strives on self-expression and creativity with has zero tolerance for hate! (18+ Only)
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