The Rhino Inquisitor
A private server, just for me!
Grafana Social
An instance for employees of Grafana Labs.
A community of computer science educators.
Pone.Social is a Mastodon-enabled social network for bronies, pegasisters, and all the rest of you horsefucker degenerates.
Official Mastodon for the Linux.Chat multi-platform community, for people who are passionate about, support, or work with Linux. See https://Linux.Chat for more info.


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horche dem Kontinuum - Friendica
Me, myself and I. Computer, Nerd, Musicproduction, Bitwig, Linux, SurgeXT, Youtube, Tutorials, Twitch, Livestreaming,
Personal Server run by mauimauer
Código Aberto é um serviço permanente alojado pela xervers. A instância está aberta a todos.
Mastodon Server aus Ratingen
Mastodon Instanz aus Ratingen für alle, die sich dieser schönen Stadt verbunden fühlen.
Personal server for trans moms <3
Community and social action.